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AS48918 BGP Communities

Control Communities

Localpref Control

These communities are available to customers only.

Community Label Description
48918:101 GW_LOCALPREF_LOWEST Decrease localpref by 10
48918:102 GW_LOCALPREF_LOW Decrease localpref by 5
48918:103 GW_LOCALPREF_HIGH Increase localpref by 5
48918:104 GW_LOCALPREF_HIGHEST Increase localpref by 10


Blackholing is only available for customers. Each /32 or /128 to be blackholed needs to be advertised seperately. Please Verify with our NOC if this is enabled on your session!

Community Label Description
48918:666 GW_BLACKHOLE Blackhole Prefix
65535:666 WELLKNOWN_BLACKHOLE Blackhole prefix, rewritten to 48918:666

Prepend Communities

These communities are available to customers only.

Community Label Description
48918:1001 GW_PREPEND_1 Prepend 48918x1 to as_path
48918:1002 GW_PREPEND_2 Prepend 48918x2 to as_path
48918:1003 GW_PREPEND_3 Prepend 48918x3 to as_path
48918:1011 GW_PREPEND_UPSTREAM_1 Prepend 48918x1 to as_path for upstreams
48918:1012 GW_PREPEND_UPSTREAM_2 Prepend 48918x2 to as_path for upstreams
48918:1013 GW_PREPEND_UPSTREAM_3 Prepend 48918x3 to as_path for upstreams
48918:1021 GW_PREPEND_PEERING_1 Prepend 48918x1 to as_path for peerings
48918:1022 GW_PREPEND_PEERING_2 Prepend 48918x2 to as_path for peerings
48918:1023 GW_PREPEND_PEERING_3 Prepend 48918x3 to as_path for peerings

No-Advertise to type

These communities are available to customers only.

Community Label Description
48918:1100 GW_NO_ADV_UPSTREAM Do not advertise to upstreams
48918:1200 GW_NO_ADV_PEERING Do not advertise to peerings
48918:1500 GW_NO_ADV_PNI Do not advertise to PNIs
48918:1900 GW_NO_ADV_DOWNSTREAM Do not advertise to downstreams/customers

No-Advertise to Upstream/IXP

These communities are available to customers only.

Community Label Description
48918:1101 GW_NO_ADV_UPSTREAM_COREBB Do not advertise to Core Backbone AS33891
48918:1102 GW_NO_ADV_UPSTREAM_ANEXIA Do not advertise to ANEXIA AS47147
48918:1103 GW_NO_ADV_UPSTREAM_COGENT Do not advertise to Cogent AS174
48918:1104 GW_NO_ADV_UPSTREAM_TRUSTED Do not advertise to Trusted Networks AS21385
48918:1201 GW_NO_ADV_PEERING_SIX Do not advertise at Stuttgart-IX
48918:1202 GW_NO_ADV_PEERING_DECIX_FRA Do not advertise at DE-CIX Frankfurt
48918:1203 GW_NO_ADV_PEERING_DECIX_DUS Do not advertise at DE-CIX Düsseldorf

No-Advertise to Region

Community Label Description
48918:1301 GW_NO_ADV_DE_FRA Do not advertise in Frankfurt, Germany
48918:1302 GW_NO_ADV_DE_STR Do not advertise in Stuttgart, Germany
48918:1303 GW_NO_ADV_DE_MUC Do not advertise in Munich, Germany
48918:1304 GW_NO_ADV_DE_BER Do not advertise in Berlin, Germany
48918:1305 GW_NO_ADV_DE_REU Do not advertise in Reutlingen, Germany
48918:1306 GW_NO_ADV_DE_LEV Do not advertise in Leverkusen, Germany
48918:1307 GW_NO_ADV_DE_DUS Do not advertise in Düsseldorf, Germany

Well-Known Communities

Community Label Description
65535:0 WELLKNOWN_GRACEFUL_SHUTDOWN Graceful shutdown, set localpref to 0
65535:666 WELLKNOWN_BLACKHOLE See Blackholing
65535:65281 WELLKNOWN_NO_EXPORT RFC1997, Do not announce to external ASNs
65535:65282 WELLKNOWN_NO_ADVERTISE RFC1997, Do not announce to other BGP speakers
65535:65283 WELLKNOWN_NO_EXPORT_SUBCONFED RFC1997, Do not announce to other ASNs except peer ASN
65535:65284 WELLKNOWN_NO_PEER RFC3765, Do not announce to bilateral peers

Informational Communities

Geographical Origin Information

Community Label Description
48918:2000 GW_ORIGIN_DE Routes learned in Germany
48918:2001 GW_ORIGIN_DE_FRA Routes learned in Frankfurt, Germany
48918:2002 GW_ORIGIN_DE_STR Routes learned in Stuttgart, Germany
48918:2003 GW_ORIGIN_DE_MUC Routes learned in Munich, Germany
48918:2004 GW_ORIGIN_DE_BER Routes learned in Berlin, Germany
48918:2005 GW_ORIGIN_DE_REU Routes learned in Reutlingen, Germany
48918:2006 GW_ORIGIN_DE_LEV Routes learned in Leverkusen, Germany
48918:2007 GW_ORIGIN_DE_DUS Routes learned in Düsseldorf, Germany

Origin Type Information

Community Label Description
48918:4000 GW_ORIGIN_CUSTOMER Routes learned from customers
48918:5000 GW_ORIGIN_OWN Routes originated by Globalways Backbone
48918:5001 GW_ORIGIN_OWN_CPE Routes originated by Globaways CPEs
48918:5002 GW_ORIGIN_MANAGEMENT Routes originated by Globalways Management
48918:7000 GW_ORIGIN_UPSTREAM Routes learned from upstreams
48918:9000 GW_ORIGIN_PEERING Routes learned from peerings
48918:9005 GW_ORIGIN_PNI Routes learned from PNIs

Origin Specific Information

Community Label Description
48198:7001 GW_ORIGIN_UPSTREAM_COREBB Learned from Core Backbone AS33891
48918:7002 GW_ORIGIN_UPSTREAM_ANEXIA Learned from ANEXIA AS47147
48918:7003 GW_ORIGIN_UPSTREAM_COGENT Learned from Cogen AS174
48918:7004 GW_ORIGIN_UPSTREAM_TRUSTED Learned from Trusted Networks AS21385
48918:9001 GW_ORIGIN_PEERING_SIX Learned at Stuttgart-IX
48918:9002 GW_ORIGIN_PEERING_DECIX_FRA Learned at DE-CIX Frankfurt
48918:9003 GW_ORIGIN_PEERING_DECIX_DUS Learned at DE-CIX Düseldorf
48918:9004 GW_ORIGIN_PEERING_EQUINIX_FRA Learned at Equinix Frankfurt